The Different Variations Of Limousine Vehicles

bright white limousine

Limousines come in many different shapes, forms and sizes. When it comes to necessities in life, limousines definitely aren’t anywhere up there but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s rode in a limousine that doesn’t love it and wouldn’t do it again. So it’s a very fun experience and it’s definitely something everyone should try at least once, even if they have no particular reason to do so. Did you know how many different variations of limousines there were though? There are even monster truck limousines. Yes, that’s really a thing… sadly…

First up, we have the Lincoln Navigator limousine. This comes at a hefty price as it’s one of the finest out there on the market today. It’s sold as it clashes all the right elements together and mixes elegance with style. The brute power of the Lincoln navigator is well on display when you ride in one of those limousines. The adaptability of these things is what’s more amazing than anything else. Then, you have the safety features which make it one of the safest classes of limousines out there on the market today.

Next up, we have the obnoxious, the large and the powerful, hummer limousine. Now, stretch limousines traditionally can take up to 12 passengers depending on the length of the limousine of course but then enters the hummer. The hummer can actually take up to 24 passengers and it still maintains the comfort and luxury of a limousine. You just want to make sure that if you go with this option that everyone will fit comfortably inside and I’d recommend not actually packing 24 people as it’s the max and may get a bit crowded.

The stylish Cadillac escalade has been around for a long time but the limousines made out of them are nothing but purely stylish. The Cadillac escalade being one of the newest additions to the lineup offers a line of luxury that no one has ever seen before. They offer elegance at a cost addition of course but that cost is offset by the experience and the value you’re obtaining.

Lastly, is the Chrysler 300 limousine. When you see a Chrysler 300, you just think of power and beauty. It’s one of the top of its class style limousines that really delivers in performance. When it comes to luxury, presence and style, just forget about it, nothing else comes close. Now, try to imagine yourself in a Chrysler 300 stretched out limousine. Just imagine how luxurious and beautiful it would be. Stretch limousines can be expanded to three times the normal size and just try to picture how the 300 would look and how obnoxious it would be.

Sure, it’s a funny picture to imagine but it would still be one of the most stylish options out there on the market today. So does it really matter which one you pick? All of them are very stylish and there’s tons more variations of models that we didn’t even discuss today.