Why Does Limousine Price Vary So Much

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When you look at the cost of limousines, you’re probably wondering why there’s such a drastic gap and difference in price. What makes some limousines cost so much and what makes some limousines cost so little? Hopefully, we can dive into this topic and tackle it in-depth because it can be rather confusing to someone who’s just looking to hire a limousine for a specific event. How do you know which limousine to hire and what type of limousine you need to be on the lookout for?

The Company

Above anything else, this is what makes limousine pricing so much different. Just like every other niche and market, the company behind the limousine will be a huge determining factor in how much you pay out to the limousine. Some companies are brand names and value their services/time far more than other companies. There’s something to be said for perspective of time and how some people value time over other people. Some people value their time as whatever others value it at and some value their time very highly.

This is true with companies as well. Some companies offer VIP and quality service options and packages so that the pricing will continuously go up as you go from company to company and keep adding on packages.

The Drivers

Drivers of limousines have to be specially trained and have to be excellent drivers. However, seasoned and veteran drivers usually cost more because you’re not only getting someone who’s an excellent driver but again, companies value a veteran driver’s time far more valuable than say an intern or a brand new driver. So when you’re getting a seasoned driver, not only are you going to be in good hands but they’re going to charge you more for it. Not only that but the more experienced drivers know the city inside and out so you’re also getting some inside city knowledge.

The Extras/Packages

What kind of packages and extras do you want with your limousine? Do you want anything special or just a limousine ride? You have to answer these questions before you can dive into the initial cost and perspective of how much you’ll be paying out to the limousine company. For example, if one limousine’s rate is $50 an hour for a flat out ride and nothing special in a normal limousine but last minute you change your mind and decide you want some extra lighting inside, it could go up to $60 an hour.

That equipment, the packages and extra have to be paid for or else, the company would lose money. So take that into perspective as well, what all do you want in the limousine? Map it out ahead of time and make sure you’ve got it all figured out so you can be quoted effectively and at the correct or most efficient price for you.

Your budget is important but so is common sense when dictating which company to go with. Never go with unlicensed drivers and don’t ever get the cheapest ones either.